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Austin Aqua Farms
Average rating:  
 45 reviews
by Erick hoffer on Austin Aqua Farms

Love corals and the prices just hate how the website is set up it shouldn't take you back to the begining of the list should take u back to the place u just were it is so extremely frustrating and wish could be fixed somehow

by Mark Johnson on Austin Aqua Farms
Great Corals, Great Service, Great Price

I have been a customer of AAF for almost 2 years now. They have outstanding corals at reasonable prices. I have ordered online and they have the best packed/shipped product I have experienced. Corals opened up almost immediately in my tank after shipping and dipping, which probably was not even needed but I do out of habit. I have also purchased corals directly from the facility on Saturday, which is amazing BTW, and the corals look quite similar to the photos online. Matt and James are very helpful and great to work with. I will not purchase from any other vendors and I give the highest recommendation possible for AAF!

by Peter on Austin Aqua Farms
Great First Order

First time ordering and I have to say I was impressed. Specimens appeared exactly like the photos and were healthy. Their salinity was bang on 1.026 which has always been an issue for me when I ordered from other sites. Will be ordering from them again in the future.

by Greg on Austin Aqua Farms
Excellent place to buy corals

After receiving my first coral order today. I can not say enough great things about this place. I have ordered from numerous online vendors through the years. This place has them beat hands down. It's not even CLOSE! Communication is great. I was contacted the day before my order shipped to let me know the Acan I ordered wasn't doing well and he didn't want to take a chance sending it. They substituted my order with a larger and more colorful Acan colony for no additional cost. Corals arrived packaged extremely well. In fact, I'll state that it was the most well packed and thought out packing I have ever received. I ordered 3 beautiful Aussie chalice corals. Every one of them came healthy and inflated in the shipping pouch. I was so blown away by this, as their tissue is normally receded into the skeleton during shipping, taking several hours to days to fully reinflate. I dipped all corals prior to introducing them to my quarantine system. Nothing in the dip bucket but a ton of copepods and amphipods. This is a sign their coral systems are healthy and lacking pests. The pricing is INSANELY LOW for the size and quality of the corals, it's Amazing. It's so low I can even put it into words. I don't know how they do it??? My only regret, in this whole process, is that I didn't give Matt and his crew a chance sooner. I would have saved TONS of cash. I absolutely believe that if you give this place a try. You will just as blown away by the whole process as I was.

by Ryan on Austin Aqua Farms
Great corals, great packing

I'm always hesitant to order livestock online but the WYSIWYG photos made me confident. I'm glad I did because both of my pieces arrived in less than 24 hours after placing my order and opened fully within the day.

I was very impressed with the packing as well - probably the best I've seen and a far cry from the giant bags that allow too much room for corals to get banged up. I'll be back soon!

by Jeannie on Austin Aqua Farms
New corals

Just got my corals in a couple hours ago. They were warm and packaged well.

by Rick kirsch on Austin Aqua Farms
Third excellent order

Fairest prices on Web. Highest quality corals!!! Highly recommend!!

by Chelsea Guedon on Austin Aqua Farms
Happy as a clam!

My Cocos has been at home four months now and not only is this little clam hardy but is growing and the MOST BEAUTIFUL clam I have found at any store or tank displayed. It is hands down the loveliest I have ever seen in. Even online in google search I can't find something that comes close to the color of mine IMO. I am beyond happy and just wish I knew where to find the promo codes for coupons. I want to spend my pay checks here now. Boy freind is hooked now too!!!

by Steve Fontana on Austin Aqua Farms
Amazing Symphyllia Wilsoni

Recently received my second order. A healthy coral for sure and it was packaged very well. Once again Matt provided great customer service. Thank you.

by Grif on Austin Aqua Farms
Why no 4 star?

I went through all the reviews and find it disconcerting as a consumer looking to order for the first time that there isnt a signal negative review which indicates that the owners of this site seem to delete or not post them, or so I have found to be the case with nearly all online retailers. My first order will have to be a test order to check the validity of this site myself and this will likely not be posted for long if at all.

by Keith on Austin Aqua Farms
Accurate pictures and health corals

Ordered a half dozen acans, a goniopora, and a SPS.

Everything looked great a few hours after arrival and still does a month later.

All corals look like their pictures.

I made a mistake on my order and had to call AAF to correct it - friendly customer service.

by Bill & Charlene on Austin Aqua Farms
Best Corals Around

We have shopped for corals online and at stores and these are the best corals we have bought. We keep coming back for more! Just wish the shipping was a little cheaper but understand why because the packing is the best, too! Glad we found you!!!

by Jeff on Austin Aqua Farms
T. Squamosa

I've ordered from Matt a couple of times. The specimens are packed extremely well, never had an issue, heat packs, whatever was necessary. Always shipped Fedex priority, and delivered by 10:30 AM usually earlier. They are barely in the box for 18 hours before they are being acclimated to my tank. Beautiful T. Squamosa this time. Nice chunky fat boy. Advertised as 5" but more like 6 to 61/2". Very healthy and open full with in 30 minutes of being introduced to the tank. Thanks Matt, perfect as always!

by Dominic on Austin Aqua Farms

As most of the others, I ordered recently for my first time... very pleased with the service, shipping and especially the corals. Look as good if not better than the pictures. I'll be ordering from here again!

by John on Austin Aqua Farms

Everything was exactly as i ordered. I’ve had all 5 corals for 2 months now and everything is doing great!

by Tracie Neffendorf on Austin Aqua Farms

I purchased several corals yesterday. The corals are healthy and doing great in my tank. The owner and staff could not have been nicer and more informative. I will definitely purchase from this shop again!

by James Little on Austin Aqua Farms
Austin Aquafarms

Was very pleased with both orders I've placed, photos are spot on and communications about the shipment were always sent.

by Colin on Austin Aqua Farms
Great quality, great price, great customer service

I have purchased coral from AAF several times now and have had nothing but great experiences. Always have a nice selection, healthy coral and competitive prices. Will continue to shop here and you should too. Matt and Jim are stand up, trustworthy guys!

by Dat nguyen on Austin Aqua Farms
Austin aqua farm

I received dendro yesterday it arrived safely and looking good and it already open right the way love it

by Kurt Hickman on Austin Aqua Farms
AAF is top notch

I recommend AFF! You cannot go wrong ordering from here. The packaging is A+++. This place is on my top list for ordering corals from. The prices are fair the pictures look like the coral you receive. Matt is a very nice guy and followed up on my order and has been very helpful. The website is very user friendly. Thank you Matt and AAF I will be back!!!! 5star customer service and SUPER nice corals!

by Agnes Y. on Austin Aqua Farms
Awesome Customer Service

Packaging arrived in excellent condition, however, due to the holiday seasons, the shipping was delayed by the shipper while in-transit. Austin Aqua Farms followed up with my order and promptly offered me store credits for items that didn't quite make it. It is hard to find such awesome customer service! Would certainly order from them again!

by Jonathan Morgan on Austin Aqua Farms
Fantastic service.

Austin Aqua Farms has been one of my favorite places to buy coral from. The staff that work in the facility are super helpful and friendly. I also really appreciate that the products are constantly changing so you are always able to find a good selection of different corals to choose from. Thank you guys for top notch products and customer service!

by joe on Austin Aqua Farms

just received my first order . on time delivery corals look good . will recommend and order from Austin aqua farms again

by Rick on Austin Aqua Farms
Amazing product!

Visited the website thanks to BRS, figured I would try it out. The pieces I ordered arrived exactly on time and well packaged. The corals inside were alive and healthy. I'm so pleased with my purchase I felt I compelled to share my experience with others.

by RYAN BRIDGES on Austin Aqua Farms
Legendary Product!

Austin Aqua Farms offered a LEGENDARY product. The coral purchased arrived in a timely manner and look just as good in person as on the website. This is my second time ever ordering corals online, and Matt made it an exceptional positive experience. Will def do business with again in the future and will recommend to others. You can order with confidence. Thanks Matt!

by Tyson on Austin Aqua Farms
Beautiful Coralsl!!!!

What can I say that hasn't already been said. I received my order today and everything arrived and looks really good! The Scolymia is just as beautiful as pictured on your website. Thanks for all the great corals! You guys rock! I definitely will be buying much more from you in the near future.

Thanks again,


by jaime on Austin Aqua Farms

I received my shippment and I am still amazed what beautiful corals i recieved. I live in the DFW area and still have not found a place where I can get Acans as beautiful as i do at Austin Farms. Great work guys!! Impresed!

by Glenn Kiehl on Austin Aqua Farms

Received my order today and everything is perfect! I ordered Acans, colors are exactly what I seen in photo and ordered. Shipping was quick and packaging was excellent no leaks like other companies I have ordered from. I called with a question and left a message, received a call back quick, great service! great pricing! I will order again and recommend Austin Agua Farms here in California!

by jason austin on Austin Aqua Farms

everything was packed very well. the heat pack kept everything warm. all pieces were alive and within 12 hours look great in my tank. I was impressed with the call letting me know about the shipping thanks "Matt" will buy from you again

by Eugene Sanchez on Austin Aqua Farms
Great Acans!! Healthy and Good deal!!

The Acans here are amazing, very affordable i couldn't believe the prices and the colors!! A frag with 10+ polyps in the $25-40 range is unbelievable, when LFS will sell that price for just 1 or 2 polyps! When i got the shipment, the acans polyps were even open in the bag, very healthy!

by Cedric on Austin Aqua Farms

I receive of of the best rare Acan Multicolor. Unique Pieces. Fast shipping, Packaging is very good. Cheap Shipping Pricing and awesome choice of Coral. The Acans are the best. Extremely Recommended!

by sindyei on Austin Aqua Farms

EXCELLENT!!!! Corals are fantastic colored and true to the photographs. Packaging exceptional with well sealed bags and No leaks in transit. The prices are very fair for the quality. I will certainly be ordering from Austin Aqua farms again!

by Frederick Alfred on Austin Aqua Farms

These are the best looking acan corals I have seen ( especially for the price, which you just can't beat).Will definitely order from them again and would highly recommend.

by Dan on Austin Aqua Farms
Great Place to buy Coral

I live in Austin and enjoy visiting Austin Aqua Farms. The owners offer quality products and a very friendly service. If you haven't yet bought from AAF I highly recommend you doing so. I will definitely being shopping their again!!!

by Paul Kowalczyk on Austin Aqua Farms
Very Impressive

All I can say is without question, I will be ordering from you again !!!. The corals I received looked exactly as they did in the pictures. Opened up fully within minutes of acclimation and are doing great!!!. Thank you very much. Its nice to know that there is a coral store out there that I can trust!!!!.

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